Synthetic Grass Is The Best Option For A Beautiful Lawn

Achieving a beautiful lawn that has that deep green color and is thick and lush without a weed in sight is what just about any homeowner wants to have in front of their homes. Some secretly compete with their neighbor’s lawns and some would even say that having a perfect lawn is a part of the American dream. Unfortunately, that part of the American dream requires a huge amount of effort to achieve. However, there is a simple solution that will have your lawn looking the best that it can all year round. Just imagine yourself finally having and enjoying a perfect lawn instead of working constantly to have it. Here are some benefits of having synthetic grass instead of the lawn you have now that might make you think twice about firing up the lawnmower, weed eater, edger and blower again.

Curb Appeal

 Whether it is the hottest day of the summer or below freezing in a blizzard that’s threatening to leave three feet of snow on the ground, artificial lawns can withstand the extremes of weather conditions and everything in between. Synthetic turf is very durable and will last for years to come. It continues to stay green all year-round and most artificial lawns that have been developed in recent years are so realistic that it resembles a real lawn. 

Safe For Children and Pets

 Since synthetic turf stays looking lush and holds it’s color every day of the year, it doesn’t require the nutrients and chemicals that a natural lawn demand if you want it to look good. So you can say goodbye to that big bag of fertilizer you have been buying three to four times a year. Synthetic lawn material is also known for having fewer pest issues as it doesn’t provide much of a habitat or food for many bugs so the pesticides can go too since you won’t be needing it. Not only is this benefit good for the environment but it’s also leaving money you would have spent on fertilizers and pesticides in your wallet for you to do other things with.


 Synthetic turf is so low maintenance that it’s just about no maintenance at all. You would be able to toss your lawnmower in the trash because you’d never need it again. Synthetic turf isn’t going to grow like a natural lawn does so instead of going outside to have to do a chore you have done over and over again in the heat of every summer since you can remember, you’ll find yourself going outside to relax and enjoy your perfect looking lawn instead. Maybe throwing your trusty lawnmower in the trash is a little harsh and you’ll choose to give it away to someone who needs it like the neighbor you’ve been secretly competing with for years or anyone else who is still growing grass. However, you won’t be any more so regardless of what you decide to do with your lawnmower, fertilizers, and pesticides you still won’t ever need it but who doesn’t like having more space in the garage?

Watering Is Not Required

 Natural lawns need to be watered regularly. Usually early in the morning and late in the evening is ideal for watering a natural lawn. Some homeowners have installed sprinkler systems that run on a timer to make this less of a hassle for them but what about when it rains and pours for most of the day? Do you let your sprinklers run anyway and risk drowning your lawn and plants or do you go out to the sprinkler systems timer and turn it off instead? If you chose to turn it off instead, will you remember to set it back to its normal schedule because if not, your lawn could go thirsty for the next few days until you realize that your sprinkler system is still set to off from when you turned it off due to the weather. There’s good news for those with synthetic turf though! There is no need to water it at all so who cares if it rained all day today and didn’t for the rest of the week because your synthetic turf lawn also eliminates that hassle too! Not to mention the significant reduction you will have no other choice but to notice in your water bill.

 More and more homeowners have been deciding to install synthetic turf lawns instead of continuing to deal with the labor, expenses, and problems that come with a natural lawn such as being too busy and not having the time to be tending to the grass daily. Today’s society has become much too fast-paced to be standing on the front yard with a garden host watering the grass for any amount of time at all. Most would agree that the benefits of a synthetic turf lawn definitely outweigh its initial cost and over time will eventually even pay for itself with all the money you can save from not having to buy fertilizers and pesticides as well as the savings on your water bill. If your thinking about going artificial in your lawn soon there is only one question you should ask yourself. Do you want to continue working for your lawn or do you want your lawn to work for you?

Ways That you can Fire Proof Your Backyard:

Ways That you can Fire Proof Your Backyard:

Fires are unpredictable and they can a lot of damage. They can destroy everything in such a short amount of time, and this is why it is so important to make sure that your house and your back yard is fire proofed.

Here are some ways that you can fire proof your back yard:

1.) One of the best ways to fire proof your backyard is by making sure that your backyard does not have big trees that are near your house. This will prevent any branches form falling off if it were to catch fire on top of the house.

2.) Getting rid of any plants that are dried up and making sure that the grass is not dried up is something that will be important when it comes to making sure that your back yard is fire resistant. Removing dry vegetation will help you clean your back yard and also help you make it fire resistant. Watering the grass minimum once a day can help make a big change and help prevent any fire from happening.

3.) Having minimal amount of outdoor decor will help make everything much easier when it come to fire proofing the back yard. Having too many chairs, decor, lamps or anything that involves decorating outside will help you make everything fire resistant. Also, picking up any trash or paper that you may have in your back yard will help make a big difference. Making sure that your back yard is fire proof is something that is important and something that will help you save your home and save a lot of money in the future. Taking the time to do so will help you clean your back yard and have everything you need outside to be fire proof. Keeping away hot fire items like a fire pit over artificial turf or wooden decks.

Artificial grass is better than the real thing

There are so many benefits that artificial grass has to offer and it’s time that you take advantage of those benefits. It’s now easier than ever to get rid of your real grass and have artificial grass installed in your homes front, back and side yards. Let’s look at some of the benefits that artificial grass has to offer you. Artificial Grass Prices very from style and quality so make sure you do your homework fist to get the best deals out there.

It Stays Green All Year Round If you have ever thought about having artificial grass instead of real grass then now is the time to make

You won’t ever have to worry about dead grass patches in your yard again. With artificial grass your yard will look as green as ever three hundred and sixty five days a year. Winning yard of the month will be easy!

No Stickers

There is nothing worse than walking out of your door and stepping into a sticker patch in your front yard. If you have children then these same stickers can get stuck in their feet too and cause them severe pain. Stickers will be a worry of the past after you have artificial grass installed into your yard. You will no longer have to worry about you or your children getting stuck by stickers ever again.

Low Maintenance

With artificial grass you will do much less maintenance on your yard. Who wants to work all week long and then get out in the heat on Saturday morning to mow the yard for four hours? With artificial grass you won’t have to mow or pay someone to mow your yard. If you are paying someone to mow your yard you are probably paying around forty dollars a week to have it done. Eliminating this expense could save you around two thousand dollars every year. What could you do with an extra two thousand dollars a year?

Less Allergy Problems

If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies then you know how badly they can affect your daily life. With artificial grass you will see a significant improvement in you and your families allergy problems. Grass or mold in real grass can severely affect your allergies negatively and with artificial grass you will be able to eliminate a portion of the problem.

There is no time like the present to make the switch to artificial grass. As you can see there are so many benefits to making the switch. You can’t afford not to do it.

The Best Tips to Finding a Good Construction Contractor

If you are a homeowner looking to do some renovation or a business looking to some commercial construction, a contractor is the one to call. However, choosing a good contractor can be a bit tricky as their is a wealth of choices available. These choices do not always include the best service or the best price so navigating to find a combination of the two takes some work. If you know what to look for that is half the battle. Here are some important tips that can help you choose the best contractor for your specific need.

Listen to Consumers

Checking ratings and reviews is a go-to vetting option for many consumers. It is the definite first place for anyone to go. However, when you look at a company’s rating and reviews make sure you listen to what the customers are saying. A reliable business will always be surrounded with happy clients so follow the crowd and see what they have to say. Read reviews and ratings to see what aspects of the business are the best. Also, look for references that you can personally contact. Some construction contractors even use other companies as references. This allows you to go to said company and view the contractors handiwork in person.

Go to the Source

One of the best ways to vet construction contractors is by contacting them directly. Direct contact will get all your questions answered and give you a good idea of how the company operates. If they are more than helpful in providing you whatever information you need that is a good sign. If they seem put out and short that is a bad sign. They should also be more than willing to give you their licensing and insurance information. If they make acquiring such credentials difficult that is another bad sign. You want a contractor that aggressively pursues your business not one that does not seem to care. This attitude translates to the type of work they provide.

Do Not Focus Just On Price

The truth is that price should be low on the list of considerations. Everyone wants the cheapest price but quality is not something that should be ignored. Often times a lower price buys lower quality so look at the company itself first. A reliable company that puts out quality work insures that once your job is finished you do not have to worry about it. A unreliable company will make mistakes and create more of a hassle. So when looking at quotes take a deeper look at the companies behind them. If a company offers the highest price find out why. If they offer a price significantly lower find out why. A higher price may be attached to additional services that make using that service cheaper in the long run.

Dog and Cat Runs for Artificial Turf

We know you will appreciate artificial turf, but so will your pets. On a real lawn, allowing your pets to run and “do their business” either kills the grass making it brown or permits the grass to grow uncontrollably. Also, real grass can become uncomfortable for you and your dog or cat to walk on. This is especially true if you install a dog or cat run for your pet allowing them to only use certain areas of your yard to go outside and explore.

Dog and cat runs are safe alternatives to letting your animals have the freedom of your entire yard. They could either escape the fence and go roaming or destroy areas of your real lawn. Keeping them contained within a designated area protects them and your lawn. There are some different elements you will want to consider of course before purchasing and installing one in your own backyard. AGL grass can provide you with the artificial turf you need for any sized dog run you may have.

For dogs, you will want to consider the size of your pet. You will also want to consider the number of dogs you have if more than one will be sharing the space at a time. You need to make sure that the dogs have enough area to explore and be happy in, in addition to being contained for their safety. Whether you have selected a run with a roof or no roof, you will also want to make sure there is enough room to put in a water and food ball, along with some kind of house that they can crawl into when they need it. Once you have chosen the right size for your needs, you will need to choose a place to build and install the run. This should be in a place that provides both sun and shade so your animal can bask in the sunlight, but retreat when it gets too hot. If you have done all this and selected your ideal spot, install artificial grass before putting up your dog’s run. The artificial grass will stay green and not die leaving your lawn green all the time and not eyesore. The artificial turf is always lush as well which makes it more comfortable for them to walk, lay and explore on. Cleaning up dog waste is a breeze as well, all you need is a hose and possibly a brush for pesky stains and odors. Cats like to enjoy the outdoors as well, even if they are an inside cat. Build your cat a catio! Find an ideal spot to make a door or shelf to enter into an outside covered catio. Make sure to install shelves and walkways at various levels because cats love to climb. This is a great way to get your cat outdoors to enjoy or take a nap in the sunshine. It is great way for them to watch birds, chase butterflies and play. As with dog runs, consider the number of cats that will share the space and build accordingly. Also, make sure to install artificial grass for all the same reasons your dog will enjoy.