Dog and Cat Runs for Artificial Turf

We know you will appreciate artificial turf, but so will your pets. On a real lawn, allowing your pets to run and “do their business” either kills the grass making it brown or permits the grass to grow uncontrollably. Also, real grass can become uncomfortable for you and your dog or cat to walk on. This is especially true if you install a dog or cat run for your pet allowing them to only use certain areas of your yard to go outside and explore.

Dog and cat runs are safe alternatives to letting your animals have the freedom of your entire yard. They could either escape the fence and go roaming or destroy areas of your real lawn. Keeping them contained within a designated area protects them and your lawn. There are some different elements you will want to consider of course before purchasing and installing one in your own backyard. AGL grass can provide you with the artificial turf you need for any sized dog run you may have.

For dogs, you will want to consider the size of your pet. You will also want to consider the number of dogs you have if more than one will be sharing the space at a time. You need to make sure that the dogs have enough area to explore and be happy in, in addition to being contained for their safety. Whether you have selected a run with a roof or no roof, you will also want to make sure there is enough room to put in a water and food ball, along with some kind of house that they can crawl into when they need it. Once you have chosen the right size for your needs, you will need to choose a place to build and install the run. This should be in a place that provides both sun and shade so your animal can bask in the sunlight, but retreat when it gets too hot. If you have done all this and selected your ideal spot, install artificial grass before putting up your dog’s run. The artificial grass will stay green and not die leaving your lawn green all the time and not eyesore. The artificial turf is always lush as well which makes it more comfortable for them to walk, lay and explore on. Cleaning up dog waste is a breeze as well, all you need is a hose and possibly a brush for pesky stains and odors. Cats like to enjoy the outdoors as well, even if they are an inside cat. Build your cat a catio! Find an ideal spot to make a door or shelf to enter into an outside covered catio. Make sure to install shelves and walkways at various levels because cats love to climb. This is a great way to get your cat outdoors to enjoy or take a nap in the sunshine. It is great way for them to watch birds, chase butterflies and play. As with dog runs, consider the number of cats that will share the space and build accordingly. Also, make sure to install artificial grass for all the same reasons your dog will enjoy.